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Synergy Education Project

Board of Directors Position Vacancy Announcement


Synergy Education Project (SEP), a nonprofit public benefit corporation, is seeking qualified candidates for board position vacancies.  Synergy Education Project’s sole purpose is to develop and implement a charter school, a site based program.  The function of the initial Board is to provide governance for a number of aspects of non-profit organization and public school governance including but not limited to the adoption of school policies; oversight of the budget, finance and expenditures; a capital campaign; facilities and staffing oversight.  Synergy’s founders seek highly motivated, qualified individuals to fulfill 1-2 year commitments serving as members of its Board of Directors team.  We are looking for people with backgrounds and experience in one or more of the following areas:  education, law, government, business, finance/accounting, public relations, facilities, social services, and fundraising.


Board positions are strictly voluntary but highly rewarding in that board members will be promoting alternative education programs that support children, many of whom struggle in traditional school settings.  Board members can expect to meet once per month as called for in the charter.  The day and time each month shall be chosen by the Board of Directors.  Special board meetings may need to be held periodically as the school continues in its development phase.  Typically, there is correspondence and other reading material given to board members one week prior to the meeting in which time it is expected that such materials will be read and considered prior to each board meeting. 


The following is a partial list of Board of Director responsibilities:

·         Upholds and supports the mission, vision and core values of Synergy Education Project Schools

·         Hire, supervise, evaluate, discipline, and dismissal of the Programs Director and the Finance Director of the Charter School

·         Hire, promote, discipline and dismiss all employees of the Charter School after consideration of a recommendation by the Programs Director

·         Approve all contractual agreements for expenditures beyond $2000

·         Approve and monitor the implementation of general policies of Synergy Schools

·         Approve and monitor Synergy Schools’ annual budgets and budget revisions

·         Contract with an external independent auditor with experience in education/school audits to produce an annual financial audit according to generally accepted accounting practices;

·         Establish operational committees as needed

·         Regularly measure progress of both student and staff performance

·         Involve parents and the community in school related programs

·         Execute all applicable responsibilities provided for in the California Corporations Code

·         Engage in ongoing strategic planning

·         Approve the school calendar and schedule of Board meetings

·         Participate in the dispute resolution procedure and complaint procedures when necessary

·         Approve charter amendments as necessary and submit requests for material revisions as necessary to the County Office of Education for consideration

·         Approve annual independent fiscal audit and performance report

·         Appoint an administrative panel or act as a hearing body and take action on recommended student expulsions


Please contact Cheryl Townsend, Programs Director 925-252-1900 if you are considering volunteering, have questions or would like an application. 

The Special Meeting of the Board of Directors Fri. March 27th, 6:30pm.
Location: 355 E. Leland Road Pittsburg
See link below for more information regarding location and items on the agenda.